3D Laser scanning

Capture 3 Dimensional data clouds that can be imported into a variety of CAD platforms to deliver real-life 2- and 3-D models, site plans, and As Built documentation.

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Drone Video/Photography

Capture high-resolution images of your project/site from an infinite number of angles and perspectives.  Our drones deliver clear, usable, (not to mention beautiful!) photos and videos to easily inspect and document the current state of a site or project with ease.

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CAD Services

We can take your site data captured in the scanning process and create the required drafting documents you need on a variety of platforms.  We are a one-stop shop for all of your site documentation needs.

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Step into the next generation of data collection

Whether you are a small company or are in the Fortune 500, you and your clients need site data that is accurate, easy to access and use. We can provide a more efficient method of gathering that data so you can remain productive. Your time is money. Our services can give you more of your time.

The traditional methods of gathering site data using tape measures, laser distance meters, and taking photographs are prone to inaccuracies and can result in an incomplete picture. We use the latest FARO Focus scanners to give you an accuracy of +/- 2 mm. Our scanning methods can provide a full 360 degree sphere picture of the scan site with full dimensional capabililties. This is data you can use today.


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