The latest in reality capture

We specialize in using the latest technology and techniques to capture data and images of the relevant environment.  Whether it is precise 3D dimensions, or photographic records on current and historical building conditions, we can help.

Our Story

Pinnacle Measurement came into being in 2015 when W. Brian Fisher decided that the evolution site documentation could be well served with the addition of 3D laser scanning.  Using a portable scanner, we can go directly to the site and capture millions of data points that can be used to facilitate the development of documentation required for building, renovation and other needs.

The recent addition of Drone Video and Photography  enhances our service line to easily capture visual information from virtually any angle and elevation.  These images, combined with the precision measurements of laser scanning, complete the package of products needed to document the beginning, middle and end of your project.

Meet the Team

Meet Brian and John, the team that brings you Pinnacle Measurement Systems, LLC


W. Brian Fisher

Founder & Director of Operations

Brian has had almost 25 years experience in CAD and design ranging across Architectural, Commercial and light Industrial disciplines. He has worked on projects that have spanned the Continent. Brian received his MBA in 2006 in Operations Management from American Intercontinental University in Chicago. After many years working for other design and scanning companies, he decided to start Pinnacle Measurement Systems. Partnering with John, they have settled in South Florida as their base of operations. Like John, Brian is always looking for new and diverse projects to use 3D Laser Scanning. Brian loves technology and continues to search for that next ‘better mousetrap’.


John Nickless

Managing Director

John graduated with his B.B.A. in Marketing from Andrews University in 1993. He has had a varied and diverse professional career in banking, higher education administration, technical training and digital media. Having lived all over the country, John thrives on travel and new adventures. Once he accomplished his goal of seeing all 50 US states, he is now only two continents short of visiting all major landmasses on the globe. He is currently figuring out how to get a scanning assignment on Antarctica. If you have any questions about how Pinnacle Measurement Systems can streamline your business workflows, feel free to give John a call or an email. He is looking forward to meeting you.

Next Steps...

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