Do you always answer information requests in a timely manner?

Yes, we have a 24 hour reply policy, but we will usually respond much faster than that, sometimes in just a few minutes!

I've heard all the 'Save time. Save money' pitches. What makes your service any different?

Our goal is to provide a service that relieves you of what can be the most time and resource costly segment of your project: The Site Visit and as-built documentation. Since you have to leave your offices to gather this data, you are not using your time in more profitable ways. Typically the result of a site visit is a 2D floor plan with dimensions/notes and a bunch of pictures. 3D Laser Scanning technology gives you a comprehensive 3D reproduction of your project site. Even more valuable to you is the fact that is it fully dimensionable.

How much does this cost?

Every situation is unique with many factors determining cost. We will create a custom pricing estimate for your project. Because we gather the data for you giving you a more comprehensive picture for your as-built documentation, you can stay in your office focusing on what you do best.

Are you local to my project?

Even though we are South Florida based, we can travel anywhere in the world to your project site with a minimum of issue. The scanning equipment is compact and very portable.

So you've scanned my project. What's next?

We will give you a comprehensive picture of your project that is called a 'point cloud'. This contains all the visual and dimensional information for creating your as-build documents. The point cloud can be imported directly into a variety CAD programs including AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil3D.

I don't have the time to learn a new piece of software to look at or use this 'point cloud'. Are there other services you offer?

We know you are busy. The purpose of this technology is to give you better and more comprehensive site information and save you time. As part of our scanning services, we offer training on how to access your site data on your computers in your office. We also offer CAD services to give you design documents in a digital file format that you can use.

I need to monitor the changes in my project over time. How can this technology give me that?

Once we take the first set of scans at the beginning of the project, we can come back as specified times to scan the progress of the project. Since we have a base set of information, all we need to do is scan the changes. No need to scan the entire project again and again.

Who else can use this scan data?

Since this data is yours, you can make it available to anyone you want to. Imagine all of your trade contractors working off the same set of data for their take-offs.

Can this 'point cloud' data help me after the project is complete?

Unquestionably yes! This is your site data. It can be archived to be the document of record for a variety needs: Future project expansion, legal record, and marketing purposes to name a few.